ESG Policy

Telios Investments recognises that social, environmental and governance issues can have a significant impact on long-term value creation, and we regard ESG as an integral part of the way we conduct business.

Social and environmental stewardship is a core value. We commit to adhere to the highest standards of conduct and avoid even the appearance of negligent or unfair business practices. We use reasonable endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of our business practices.

We also aim at deploying capital to positive business initiatives and we identify ESG risks and opportunities when evaluating investment strategies and individual investments.

Our RE Infrastructure for Mobility Fund invests in underground and multi-storey parking facilities in inner city centres across Europe. 

These off-street parking facilities provide an efficient use of ground space and have a materially lower social impact than on-street parking.

Correct parking is a key element of sustainable mobility and traffic management. Traffic flows to designated car parking spaces can minimize unnecessary traffic and contribute to lower pollution.

New technology and mobility developments are increasing demand for dedicated parking places for existing and new uses, including intermodal mobility and logistic hubs, making cities better places to live.

Moreover, we are committed to promote and implement technologies for pollution reduction. To this end, electric car charging bays in dedicated off-street car parking sites are going to have an important role in providing the infrastructure for a successful shift to electric mobility in dense cities.

Telios Investments is a signatory of the internationally recognised United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Telios ESG Policy