Telios Investments is a specialist investment boutique focused on real estate and infrastructure strategies.

We offer investment solutions to institutional investors in niche markets. The objective is to identify opportunities in uncrowded markets and provide investors with ability to gain a exposure to assets that are otherwise difficult to access, and to generate over the investment period secure returns which are compelling on a risk adjusted basis.

Telios RE Infrastructure for Mobility is an Investment Fund which provides institutional investors the opportunity to invest in car parks assets located in prime locations in European cities and operated by leader car park management companies.

Telios Investments team has a deep and relevant experience across real estate, infrastructure, investment banking and asset management. The team’s multi-disciplinary approach provides a unique mix of highly relevant knowledge, skill set and experience with a solid performance driven approach. The team is extremely professional and disciplined in asset allocation, risk management and deal selection.

Telios is a company of Green Arrow Capital, an independent Investment Group specialised in Alternative Investments with approximately € 2,0 bn of funds under management.