The Remuneration Policy provides a clear direction and policy regarding the Telios Investments remuneration structure and practices consistent with the principles in AIFM Directive (Directive EU 2011/61/UE) as well as article 5 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088) on the transparency of remuneration policies. While the general provisions apply to all employees, some elements of the policy are applicable only to certain identified staff.

The Board of Directors recognises the importance of the role played by sound risk management in protecting its stakeholders. Moreover, the Board acknowledges that inappropriate remuneration structures could, in certain circumstances, result in situations whereby individuals assume more risk than necessary.

The Remuneration Policy has been designed to:
– Ensure alignment between (i) the behaviour of the investment team and of the employees of Telios Investments, and (ii) the objectives and values of the company, the funds and/or the investments being advised and/or managed, the strategies for sustainability and Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance (“ESG”), the impact objectives, the investors and all other stakeholders;

– Focus on performance-related pay, at both a corporate and an individual level, tempered by an emphasis on ensuring that performance is not achieved by taking risks which fall outside the company’s and the company’s clients risk appetite and dissuade any risk-taking that is deemed excessive or unacceptable by the company;

– Be consistent with the business strategies, objectives and values of the funds under management and incorporate measures to avoid conflicts of interest; and

– Offer fixed remuneration and award incentives which are reasonable and competitive within the investment advisory/management sector.

The policy is consistent with sound and effective risk management and does not encourage excessive risk-taking which may bring financial or sustainability risks.