Remuneration Policy

The Remuneration Policy provides a clear direction and policy regarding the Telios Investments S.a.r.l (the “Company”) remuneration structure and practices consistent with the principles in AIFM Directive (Directive EU 2011/61/UE) as well as article 5 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088) on the transparency of remuneration policies. While the general provisions apply to all employees, some elements of the policy are applicable only to certain identified staff.

The Board of Directors recognise the importance of the role played by sound risk management in protecting its stakeholders. Moreover, the Board acknowledges that inappropriate remuneration structures could, in certain circumstances, result in situations whereby individuals assume more risk than necessary.

The Policy takes into account the nature, scale and complexity of its business, the type of Client, the type of investments, the investment strategies, the investment location, the distribution model and investor base. Due consideration is also given to the resources available within the Company and the resources and expertise of the various third parties engaged to support the company and carry out certain functions in its behalf.

Although there is no Remuneration Committee in place, it is important to note that the ultimate responsibility for the oversight of compliance with this Remuneration Policy ultimately rests with Board of Directors.

The key areas of the Policy seek to identify individuals whose professional activities have a material impact on the risk profiles of the Company and the clients it manages including: i) Board of Directors of the Company; ii) Senior Management. Other staff that are considered risk takers whereby all staff members whose professional activities either individually or collectively can exert material influence on the risk profiles of the Company.

Remuneration Policy